The Role of Genome Valley in India's Biotech Revolution

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24 January, 2024

The Role of Genome Valley in India's Biotech Revolution

India's biotech industry has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years, establishing itself as a global hub for pharmaceutical innovation and research. The popularity of India as a destination for pharmaceutical companies to relocate can be attributed to factors such as a robust regulatory environment, a skilled workforce, and cost-effective research and development capabilities. The country is the 3rd largest destination for biotechnology in Asia(Source: Invest India), and Genome Valley is one the country’s most established and largest life sciences cluster.  

Genome Valley

Genome Valley, situated in Hyderabad, Telangana, is India's first organized cluster for life sciences R&D and clean manufacturing. Established in 1999, the cluster features world-class infrastructure encompassing Industrial/Knowledge Parks, Special Economic Zones(SEZs), diverse multi-tenanted dry and wet laboratories, and incubation facilities. The hub acts as a home to over 200 companies, employing around 15,000 skilled scientific professionals. Genome Valley Hyderabad has rapidly evolved into a prominent center for global life science innovation, hosting renowned global life sciences entities.

Key Highlights of Genome Valley

The Genesis - Valley of Innovation

In 2001, following the guidelines of the National Biotechnology policy, then Andhra Pradesh government officially designated 1,283.06 acres of land in the Ranga Reddy and Medak districts as Genome Valley. This strategic decision was aimed at nurturing the budding Biotechnology sector in India. Genome Valley was further developed to attract R&D companies and bolster the growth of the existing life sciences industry. Today the district is spread across 2,000acres and the government plans on further expanding it by 250 acres.

In an interview with The Hindu, Mr. Shakti Nagappan, Director (Life Sciences and Pharma), Telangana government remarked that the idea was to create the physical infrastructure to foster research as well as seed a lot of companies. Over time, the government and the State Industrial Infrastructure Corporation expanded the cluster.

Favourable Policies and Initiatives from Telangana Life Sciences, Govt of Telangana

Over the years, the government has implemented various initiatives to enhance infrastructure and research centers in the life sciences sector, positioning the state as an attractive destination for investment and business establishment. The state plans to double the life sciences ecosystem's planned  valuation from INR 3.9 lakh crore (US$ 50 billion) to INR 7.8 lakh crore (US$ 100 billion), while also creating over 400,000 jobs.

Telangana has established itself as a prominent life sciences center in Asia, with over 800 companies in the sector with a total valuation of USD 50 billion. The state is responsible for one-third of the world's vaccine production and contributes up to 35% to India's total pharmaceutical output.    

In 2018, the Telangana government launched 'Genome Valley 2.0', an ambitious project to enhance and expand the existing life sciences and biotechnology cluster. This initiative was designed to transform Genome Valley into a dynamic, industry-led, knowledge-driven ecosystem, fostering local economic growth. The expansion aimed to attract additional global companies to establish and grow their operations in the region.

Genome Valley was also designated as an Industrial Area Local Authority (IALA). This status consolidated the cluster's management under a unified point of contact, easing the process for government-related approvals and promoting infrastructure advancement for enterprises within Genome Valley.

To enhance the ease of doing business in Telangana, the state launched The Telangana State Industrial Project Approval and Self-Certification System (TS-iPASS). The system allows businesses to receive clearance from various departments through a single-window mechanism, enabling business to self-certify and receive approvals and permissions within 15–30 days..

Other initiatives the state has implemented include:

  • Industrial Category: Life sciences are recognized as an industrial sector, ensuring power is supplied at industrial tariffs, equating life sciences units and parks with other industries.
  • Labour Concessions: Acknowledging the knowledge-intensive nature of the industry, the government has relaxed labour restrictions regarding working hours and schedules. Life sciences firms are authorized to operate 24/7 in three shifts, with appropriate safety measures for employees.
  • Scientific Regulatory Approvals: A guidance cell under the State Life Sciences Council will assist firms with regulatory compliance and procedures.

These initiatives and the provision of swift permits further positions Genome Valley as an ideal location for life sciences companies planning to relocate their operations in India.

Access World-class Life Sciences Infrastructure

Neovantage Innovation Parks

Genome Valley companies have seamless access to the finest and most sophisticated life sciences infrastructure in the world. Life Science Infrastructure service providers like Neovantage Innovation Parks offer tailored, reliable, and sustainably designed built-to-suit and multi-tenanted spaces that align with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and other stringent quality specifications of the industry.

The spaces are meticulously designed to cater to the varied requirements of the Pharma R&D, Vaccine development. Biotechnology research, CRO, and Biopharma production sectors. Some of the notable Neovantage Innovation Parks tenants include Novartis, Mylan, Syngene, Laxai, TCI Chemicals, Yapan Bio, Alembic, Ashland Pharmaceuticals, and many more.

Neovantage Innovation Parks serves as the gateway to the thriving ecosystem at Genome Valley. The Park offers unparalleled support, from sustainably developing bespoke inspiring spaces for life science innovations, managing end-to-end greenfield and brownfield developments, to delivering a full range of services and amenities thus ensuring a seamless operational experience for its tenants.

In summary, Genome Valley, with its strategic development, favorable policies, and robust infrastructure has become a beacon for life sciences companies globally. Forward-thinking initiatives, including the ambitious Genome Valley 2.0 project and supportive industrial policies, have aided in catalyzing the region's growth but also positioned it as a prime destination for life sciences innovation.


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